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Title:  A Nile Voyage (A Nile Voyage of Recovery) 

The Red Cross Library Series 

Author:  by Charles & Susan M. Bowles


Scarce title published by Hasegawa Takejiro (1853–1938), Tokyo   

Second Edition, 1896 (Meiji 29)  (First Edition was printed a year earlier, in 1895)   

Color woodblock illustrated by Japanese Artist,  Suzuki Kason (1860 - 1919).  

Cased in a protective wrapper.       




Format:  Crepe Paper (Chirimen-bon),  bound with silk thread. 

Book condition:   Good.  In good condition.  Some of the inside pages are creased.  A couple of pages have tears around the edges, else generally clean.   

Cover:   Fair.  Covers are soiled and heavily worn (wrinkles and tears).  Front cover has a missing piece at the top edge.  Colors are faded.   (PLEASE SEE IMAGES ABOVE) 


Illustrated crepe paper book / Chirimen-bon.  Chirimen is a Japanese textile with a soft, slightly wrinkly texture that’s often used to make kimonos or for wrapping cloth.   

Crepe paper books, or chirimen-bon, were popular souvenirs for western tourists and were produced in many languages.


They usually depicted popular stories and fairy tales, or Japanese life.  Thus this travelogue on Egypt is a scarce title published by Takejiro Hasegawa.


Woodblock illustrated by Suzuki Kason.  Impressive color woodblock prints including one photograph (collotype) of Karnak printed on crepe paper.     


Because the cover sheets extend past the edges (on all sides) of the balance of the book, they are extremely susceptible to damage and poor cover condition appears to be the norm for this book.


Overall a very handsome copy of this scarce title.  

If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide further information. 


Thank you!       


A Nile Voyage by Charles & Susan M. Bowles

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