Title:  Logic and design: In art, science & mathematics

Author:  Krome Barratt 


Format: Paperback 

Book condition:  Used - Inside book is in Very Good condition.  

Cover:  Good.  Shelf wear and edge wear to cover, including some scratch marks and slight curling and a small dent on top edge.      


Design is fundamental to our lives, for it is really about the making of things, which is the business of artists, scientists and technologists alike. All are concerned with innovation and problem-solving and can profit from a study of ideas developed in other disciplines.  This book examines some of the key principles of design and shows how these also underlie much of what we know of art, mathematics and science. It covers such topics as number, ratio and scale, rhythm and harmony, similarity and contrast, and suggests how these may relate to design problems.


Item Weight : 1.42 pounds

Paperback : 325 pages

Publisher : Design Press, 1980 (First U.S. Edition) 


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Logic and design: In art, science & mathematics by Krome Barratt