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Title:  Surimono:  Prints by Elbow

Author:  Edythe Polster & Alfred A. Marks (Preface by David Waterhouse and Introduction by Alfred H. Marks) 


Published:  Lovejoy Press, 1979   



Format: Hardcover with slipcase   

Book condition:  Used -  Fine.  Some very light spots on fore-edge.   (PLEASE SEE CLOSE-UP IMAGE ABOVE)   

Cover:  Fine 

Dust Jacket:   Fine.  Acetate dustwrapper.   

Slipcase condition:   Fine   


Folio. Profusely illustrated.  Includes Errata leaf and page 49A (omitted from limited edition print run).  Yellow silk covered boards with white titling to cover and spine.


Illustrated with numerous woodblock prints accompanied with poetry and descriptions.


Contributions by artists such as:

Eisen, Gakutei, Gekko, Hiroshige, Hokusai, Hokkei, Kosai, Kosetsu, Kunimasa, Kuninori, Masunobo, Matora, Rinsai, Renchu Ryoshoko, Sessen, Toyoharu, Toyokuni, Utamaro, Utamasa, with writings by Shashofuku Michizure, Isosuzu Kawabito, Senbatei Teodori, Chiyo Matsuhiko, Sansoitei Shinko, Shihan Hoshi, Akatsukiken Urafune, Rogo, Ki no Mamanari, and many more.


Publisher:  Lovejoy Press, 1979


If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide further information. 


Thank you!       


Surimono: Prints By Elbow - Limited Edition

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