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Title:  The Philosophy of the Present

Author:  George Herbert Mead


Format: Paperback 

Book condition:  Used - Inside book is in Very Good condition.   Yellowing of pages. 

Cover:  Used - Good to Very Good.    


This classic book represents Mead's philosophy of experience, so central to his outlook. The present as unique experience is the focus of this deep analysis of the basic structure of temporality and consciousness. Mead emphasises the novel character of both the present and the past. Though science is predicated on the assumption that the present is predictable based on a thorough knowledge of the past, the experience of the present, says Mead, is an utterly unique moment comparable to no other, and when it is past the novel character of that unique experience is irrevocable. This stimulating and provocative work attests to John Dewey's praise of Mead as 'the most original mind in philosophy in America' of his generation.  


Paperback : 199 pages

ISBN-10 : 0226516709

ISBN-13 : 978-0226516707

Item Weight : 9 ounces

Publisher : University of Chicago Press, 1980 reprint


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The Philosophy of the Present by George Herbert Mead

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