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Title:  A Critical Study of Philip Guston

Author:  by Dore Ashton and Philip Guston


Format:  Paperback, Oversized  

Book condition:  Used -  Inside book is in Very Good condition.  

Cover:  Very Good.  


Philip Guston (1913-1980) was one of the most independent of the painters whose work was loosely linked by the term "abstract expressionism" during the 1950s, and he baffled admirers of his lushly beautiful abstract expressionist paintings by moving abruptly in mid-career to gritty figurative paintings in an almost cartoon-like style. One of the few critics who saw this at the time as a progressive development in his work was Dore Ashton, who here analyzes Guston's paintings and drawings in the context of the cultural milieu in which he worked, illuminating the dilemma facing artists who try to live with, understand, and express both the ideals of art and the reality of the world.


Publisher: ‎ University of California Press, 1990

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0520069329


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A Critical Study of Philip Guston by Dore Ashton and Philip Guston

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