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Title:  Alien to Zombie 

Author:  Written by Kevin Somers and Illustrated by Mark Chiarello


Format:  Hardcover with quarter-binding

Book condition:  New

Cover:  New


Alien to Zombie brings everyone’s favorite creatures of the night to life like never before—and in alphabetical order!


We’re confident this book will be a delightful romp for thrill-seekers of all ages. But, more importantly, it’s sure to be the most potent educational tool of our times, guaranteed to dispel all fears both real and imagined!


About Mark Chiarello

Mark Chiarello was born on Halloween. (Really!) He is a graduate of Pratt Institute and is the former Art and Design Director for DC Comics. Mark is the artist of the books Heroes of the Negro Leagues, Baseball 100, and Alien to Zombie. He lives in Los Angeles, California and is currently illustrating projects for Disney, Netflix, DC, and Marvel Comics.


About Kevin Somers

Raised by wolves, Kevin Somers learned to draw shortly after learning to bark at the moon. His hunger for adventure has taken him across a long, winding path through the vast timberlands of storytelling. The first pack he ran with was The Mighty Marvel Comics Group—first getting his paws wet as an editor working on Epic titles such as Akira and a variety of Moebius graphic novels. He roamed wild in comics for more than a decade, regularly producing art and color art for dozens of Marvel and DC titles, including The X-Men and various Batman limited series, as well as writing and drawing comics for the Marvel Kids line. Kevin then strayed deeper into the brambles of storytelling, illustrating and/or authoring a variety of children’s books, including Meaner Than Meanest for Disney Publishing. Kevin also has sunk his teeth in commercial and entertainment projects, doing concept development, illustration and storyboard work for places such as Hill Holiday and Nickelodeon.


Kevin currently can be found scrapping away in Tinseltown, where he’s a contributing writer for Man of Action Entertainment, working on a variety of boys’ action/adventure series such as Ben 10 & Power Players.



ISBN: 978-1-64041-056-5

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Alien to Zombie by Kevin Somers and Mark Chiarello

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