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Title:  Before and After Hegel: A Historical Introduction to Hegel's Thought

Author:  Tom Rockmore


Format: Paperback 

Book condition:  Used - Inside book is in Very Good condition.

Exterior:  Good. Scuff marks on foreedge.    

Cover:  Used - Good to Very Good.   


In this engaging and accessible introduction to Hegel's theory of knowledge, Tom Rockmore presents the philosopher's ideas the way Hegel himself saw them: as coming to grips with, even competing with, prior philosophical positions. Carefully laying out the philosophical tradition of German idealism, he concisely explicates the theories of Kant, Fichte, and Schelling, essential to an understanding of Hegel's thought.

Rockmore shows how Hegel first formulates his own position in relation to the philosophical discussion of his own historical moment, before extending the discussion, in a second phase, to the entire historical tradition. The Hegelian system, according to Rockmore, remains an essentially modern conception of knowledge, surprisingly relevant to our contemporary intellectual situation.

Rockmore's remarkably lucid book will interest general readers as well as students of philosophy, intellectual history, politics, culture, and society.


Paperback : 212 pages

ISBN-10 : 0520082060

Dimensions : 5.5 x 0.5 x 8.25 inches

Publisher : University of California Press, 1993   


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Before and After Hegel: A Historical Introduction to Hegel's Thought

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