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Title: California's Hidden Gold: Nuggets From the State's Rich History

Author:  Alton Pryor


Format: Paperback

Book condition:  Used - Good to Very Good. 

Cover:  Good 


The hidden treasures found in the history of California include 41 different secrets of California's past. Stories include: The Ship of Gold - $1.6 million dollars worth of gold were lost when this ship went down. Read how treasure hunters found her and recovered the bounty, including 5200 newly minted Double Eagle coins. California's first schoolteacher - She wrote her lessons on the dirt floor of the Santa Clara Mission. She also kept a rifle nearby in case of Indian attacks. An original account by James Marshall on his discovery of gold in Coloma. Mother Mary Baptist Russell led the Sisters of Mercy to rought and tumble San Francisco, wehre they worked feverishly to tend the victims of smallpox and cholera. Miller and Lux cattle barons could drive their cattle herds from the Mexican border to the Oregon border and never leave their own land. Author Alton Pryor has made another rich discovery of California's rich history in California's Hidden Gold.


Paperback: 200 pages

Publisher: Stagecoach Publishing; First edition, 2002 



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California's Hidden Gold: Nuggets From the State's Rich History by Alton Pryor

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