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Title:  Surname: An illustrated account of Sultan Ahmed III's festival of 1720.  Three volume set  

Author:  Edited by Ahmet Ertug. English translation by Robert Bragner. Texts: Stefanos Yerasimos, Dogan Kuban. 




Hand-bound by experienced craftsmen, this is a limited edition of only 1,500 copies. 


Published by Ertug & Kocabiyik


Format: Hardcover 
Book condition:  Like New (for all three volumes) 
Cover: Like New (for all three volumes)
Slipcase condition: Like New 


"A miniature-illustrated manuscript of an 18th Century Festival in Ottoman Istanbul The original of this outstanding work, which is in the library of the Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul, contains 137 brilliantly-colored miniatures by Levni, the renowned painter of the court of Ahmed III (1703-1740). The miniatures illustrate a fifteen-day festival held on the occasion of the circumcision of four of the Sultan’s sons in 1720. Surname-i Vehbi follows in the longstanding Ottoman tradition of preparing specially written and illustrated books to commemorate festivities that took place on special occasions, such as royal births, weddings, and the like. These celebrations were marked by activities that included parades, musical performances, circus acts and fireworks displays, all of which were brilliantly captured and executed by Levni in his miniatures. With one exception, the miniatures in this striking volume cover two pages. The text for the book was composed by Vehbi, a famed court poet, and appears in full in this facsimile edition.


A transcription of the original Ottoman text by Dr Mertol Tulum and a translation into English by Robert Bragner are provided in a separate volume.Introduction essays by two Turkish scholars; Dr Kuban and Dr Yerasimos provide the reader a deeper understanding of the Ottoman society.


For the facsimile edition , a specially produced paper was used to duplicate the appearance and texture of the original volume. State-of-the-art reproduction and printing techniques were employed to ensure that this facsimile edition is a faithful copy of this distinguished work."


- From The Photography of Ahmet Ertug


Volume 1:  350 pages

Volume 2:  56 pages

Volume 3: 310 pages 


Printed and hand bound in Switzerland and presented in a slipcase.


Publisher:  Ertug and Kocabiyik, 2000 

If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide further information. 


Thank you!

Surname-i Vehbi: An illustrated account of Sultan Ahmed III's festival of 1720

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