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Title:  Faberge: Treasures of Imperial Russia

Author:  Géza von Habsburg, Archduke of Austria






Lavishly illustrated.  


Format: Hardcover

Book condition:  Like New 

Cover:  Like New 

Dust jacket:  Good to Very Good.  There is a small corner damage (at the bottom, edge of spine).    

Slipcase:  Like New  


Carl Faberge's unparalleled creativity and craftsmanship won him the recognition of the Russian Imperial Court at the turn of the last century. Few objects are as universally loved as his jewel-encrusted Easter eggs crafted for the last two czars of Russia, each containing a surprise. Featured in this delightful introduction to the House of Faberge is a selection of his most celebrated works that have found their way into American collections. Easter eggs are just a portion of this master's prodigious production which comprised over 150,000 jewels, silver pieces, and objects of art. The latter are fantasies in gold, enamel, and hardstone and include elegant picture frames and cigarette cases created for the ruling families of Europe and other wealthy patrons. Intimate glimpses into the world of this ingenious designer are captured through excerpts from letters and quotes from an adoring press. The Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna exclaimed upon receiving a Faberge egg, "It is an unbelievably beautiful and superbly fine piece of work. Faberge is the greatest genius of our time..." 



Géza von Habsburg, Archduke of Austria 


Famed for his expertise on Fabergé, Dr. von Habsburg has written and curated extensively on this subject. He was Chairman of Christie’s in Europe for 18 years, specializing in Old Master paintings and the applied arts. He has taught at the New York School of Interior Design, at the Bard Graduate Center for the Decorative Art, at New York University, and lectures worldwide. He is currently a visiting professor at Okinawa University in Japan and serves on the vetting committees of numerous international art fairs. Dr. von Habsburg is the great, great grandson of Emperor Franz-Joseph of Austria and grandson of King Frederick Augustus III of Saxony.


Publisher:  The Link of Times Foundation, 2005 



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Faberge: Treasures of Imperial Russia by Géza von Habsburg

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