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Title:  Going Home to the Fifties

Author:  Bill Yenne 


Format:  Paperback 

Book condition:  Used - Very Good 

Cover:  Very Good 



Publisher: Collectors Press, 2003 


Publisher: Last Gasp of San Francisco, 2002

Paperback: 144 pages

ISBN-10: 0867195657

ISBN-13: 978-0867195651     

Item Weight : 1.25 pounds

Dimensions : 9 x 9.75 inches


With the postwar economic boom, a vast middle class emerged. Suburbs exploded across the country, and the new industrial complex cranked out cars, appliances, and home furnishings in record numbers. In Going Home to the Fifties, Bill Yenne guides readers through an idealized neighborhood of the period, from the schools, roads, and commuter trains to the homes, kitchens, and backyards -- all drawn from the fantasy worlds created by advertising. Color photos and illustrations are featured in this presentation of the ideal of 1950s suburban living. 


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Going Home to the Fifties by Bill Yenne

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