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Title:  Louis XIV's 'Manière de montrer les jardins de Versailles'

Illustrated by André Hambourg


LIMITED EDITION (French Edition)


Year published:  circa 1960 




LIMITED EDITION:  No. 176  (Limited to 400 copies.  No. 1 - 100 were signed, etc. editions.  The following 300 copies (from No. 100 - 400 - this is No. 176) were printed on the d'Arches vellum, one of the finest paper around the world (D'Arches first paper mill was established in 1492).        
"In his work How to show the gardens of Versailles, Louis XIV leads us around the groves and fountains of his Palace." 
With its rich history, culture and architecture, Versailles is one of the most visited destinations in France. 


Format: Hardcover   

Book condition:  Used -   Very Good

Cover:   Very Good 

Slipcase:   Good to Very Good.   Spine is moderately worn.  



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Louis XIV's 'Manière de montrer les jardins de Versailles'  Illustrated by André

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