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Title:  Topkapi: The Palace of Felicity

Author:  by Ahmet Ertuğ; Feridun Akozan, et al


Published by Ertuğ & Kölük, Istanbul, 1989


Format: Hardcover 
Book condition:  Like New 
Cover: Like New 
Slipcase condition: Like New 


Topkapi Palace is a surviving heritage of the elite of Ottoman art and architecture created by unknown artists over the span of four hundred years. Today it functions as a museum sheltering matchless works of art and still housing the settings of past glory, power and tragedy. Though it was the residence of the sovereigns of one of the world's most powerful empires, as well as its administrative and training centre, the palace was modestly designed with a remarkably low profile to be in harmony with the geographical setting of the city to which it was attached. What grew up at Topkapi was intended first and foremost, to be functional. Nature was incorporated into its design and the "human factor" was preeminent. Compared with other imperial residences, Topkapi Palace is unique in another way for it also served as a centre for research, development, and practice of fine arts. Whether as a museum or in its own right, Topkapi today serves as an endless source of inspiration not just for our contemporary arts and artists but for those who conceive and design contemporary museums for art. This book is offered in the hopes that Topkapi might become not just a museum frozen in time, but a place where, once again as they did in the past, contemporary arts and artists thrive; that the fine arts might live and continue in Topkapi; that Topkapi might be the place for the rebirth of contemporary art. 


Publisher:  Ertuğ & Kölük, 1989

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Topkapi: The Palace of Felicity by Ahmet Ertuğ

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